About Us

Pharmasave is Canada's fastest growing group of independent drug stores, who are committed to growing our business not only by serving the communities we are in, but by nurturing them as well.

Since our start in 1981, the Pharmasave Company has grown every year with over 350 stores across Canada in all provinces except Quebec, Yukon Territory and North West Territories.

Pharmasave is not a corporation but a co-operation, meaning our stores are individually owned by Pharmacists as well as their business partners, who together own the Pharmasave name.

The Whitehorse Plaza store opened in November 1972 as Potter + Shaw, a chain of stores operating out of St. Catharines, ON. The 8000 sq. ft. store consisted of Cosmetics, giftware and cards, in conjunction with the Pharmacy.

On February 1, 1989, Harley Clark purchased the Plaza business and completely renovated it, downsizing the store to its current size. Eleven months later, he opened the Health Centre store on West St. Upon purchase, the Plaza store operated as an independent pharmacy until late 1990, when it became an IDA for 18 months. In 1998 the Plaza became a Pharmasave banner store, followed by the Health Centre a year later. Also around this time, the business ventured into two new areas: specialty compounding and intravenous therapy preparation and medical supplies provision.

On February 1, 2006, Steve Flexman and Greg Smith assumed ownership of H. Clark Pharmacy Inc., and on January 7, 2008 added a new addition to the company; the Cedar St. Clinic in the Cedar Street Medical Building.   Greg Smith and Steve Flexman sold the business to the Odumodu family in March of 2011 and they are the current owners.