Dermatology Compounding

What is dermatology compounding?

Dermatology compounding is a way to formulate medication, topicals and skin care specifically to you! Compounding allows our pharmacy to tailor medications specifically to our patients and not limit them to use medications that are commercially manufactured and sitting on the shelf.

Why are dermatology compounds important to me?

There’s nothing as personal and unique as one’s skin. As a result, there’s nothing as frustrating to shop for. A recent study indicated that 58% of women were unable to have their basic skincare needs met. Thankfully, companies like Proven Skincare, Reva and others are pioneering technologies to help patients better understand their skin needs. We believe that more should and could be done for the health of our patients.

Dermatology compounds at our pharmacy

When you need something specific to you and just can’t seem to find it mass marketed…that’s where our highly trained pharmacy team comes in. We are committed to the idea of personalization and customization in skincare. We help you understand your unique skin needs then work with you and your physician to create a solution.

We are equipped and ready to deal with a myriad of skincare issues including:

  • pigmentation
  • dryness
  • allergies
  • intolerances
  • mixed skin issues
  • unique shade needs
  • excessive sweating

Whatever your issue, our pharmacy team will do our best to find a customized and personal solution.

Skin care and dermatological concerns are a great opportunity to experience the benefit of custom compounded medication. Commercially manufactured drugs just do not meet the need of every person. At Clarks Pharmasave we are here to make sure that you are treated individually and with the upmost care. Call us today at 519-426-6580 to get more information about how we can help you today.

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