Ideal Protein: weight loss that lasts

  • Fed up with fad diets that don’t work?
  • Want to lose weight in a healthy way?

Come and talk to us about Ideal Protein. It’s not a diet, or a quick fix. It’s a weight loss system that has been developed by medics to help you lose weight, improve your health AND then maintain your ideal weight.

Ideal Protein has two main elements:

  • Weight loss
  • Help and guidance on leading a healthier lifestyle

So, you get the information and support you need to set weight loss goals, achieve those goals, and, crucially, develop habits to help you maintain those weight loss goals.

How does Ideal Protein work?

Ideal Protein is designed to help support you through four key phases

  1. Setting and achieving your weight loss goal
  2. Learning all about food and how it impacts on your body
  3. Developing smarter eating habits and a healthier lifestyle
  4. Maintaining you ideal weight loss

At the core of the Ideal Protein protocol is the support, guidance and tools to help you make changes. It starts with a low calorie, low carbohydrate, protein rich eating protocol that includes partial meal replacements. This helps stabilize your weight over a 12 month period of the protocol.

Clarks Pharmasave and Ideal Protein

At Clarks Pharmasave, we have seen many celebrity diets come and go – and those celeb diet followers dieting time after time, having regained their initial weight loss each time.

That’s why we now offer Ideal Protein, as the protocol helps our customers lose weight – and keep that weight off. Better still, we see how those using ideal protein are healthier, fitter and have a better relationship with food, exercise and life in general!

Interested in losing weight this year? Come and talk to us about Ideal Protein at any of our three Clarks Pharmasaves in Simcoe. Or, if you prefer, ask your physician. Many local Simcoe GPs know the protocol well and have seen the benefits for their patients for themselves.

What to expect from Ideal Protein

As we’ve said before; Ideal Protein is not a quick fix, it is medically proven way to achieve your Ideal Weight. So, the protocol offers a whole range of support from start to finish, including:

  • One to one coaching at our Whitehorse Plaza Pharmasave
  • A personalized health profile to set your weight loss goals
  • Coaching in nutrition and how your body loses weight
  • Online tools including the IdealSmart app
  • Ongoing support
  • Easy to prepare recipes
  • Lifestyle coaching to achieve and sustain your ideal weight

Ideal Protein products

All our Clarks Pharmasaves stock a selection of Ideal Protein supplements and foods, including:

  • Main courses
  • Complete meal replacements
  • Drinks
  • Dessert
  • Gluten-free foods
  • Snacks and condiments

The IdealSmart app

This clever little app helps you through the Ideal Protein protocol wherever you are, great for those who are always on the move or busy with work. Use the app to:

  • Set your goals and track your progress
  • Log your meals and supplements
  • Check your hydration levels
  • Watch videos anytime, anywhere
  • See your Ideal Protein appointments

How much will Ideal Protein cost?

The protocol will involve an initial investment time and money, BUT many participants actually save money overall. How? By showing you how to make healthier eating choices for you and your family, you can reduce the cost of your average food shopping bill. Over the time of the protocol and beyond, the Ideal Protein protocol pays for itself in the savings you make at the checkout.

For more details on the Ideal Protein protocol, or to discuss healthy weight loss in general, call in to any of our Clarks Pharmasaves here in Simco, Ontario. No appointment required.