Compounding for Pain Management

Chronic pain affects millions of Canadians, who take medication to manage their pain on a daily basis. Compounding can help you and your physician manage your pain more efficiently and effectively by delivering the correct dose of pain relief in the most suitable format for your condition.

Compounding prescriptions for pain relief

Compounding offers a much wider choice of pain relieving ingredients than mass-produced, single dose medicines. Your physician can prescribe a range of active ingredients, each of which may target a specific mechanism in your body, rather than just one or two. As a result of the way these work in specific ways, compounding usually results in smaller concentrations of each medication, and more effective pain management overall.

Ask your physician about compounding pain medications, or call in to any of our Pharmasave pharmacies in Simcoe to discuss. Please note, we do need a specific prescription from your physician to create compound medications.

Pain medications to suit you

Many pain management regimes rely on tablets and capsules alone. Compounding allows you to choose how your medicine is delivered and absorbed into your body, whether as a liquid, a topical gel or cream, or a suppository. This is particularly useful if you have difficulty taking or swallowing capsules or tablets as a result of your condition.

Discontinued or difficult to source medications

Significant numbers of patients with long-term pain management will have come across the issue of a drug that has worked for them being discontinued. This is often not because it is unsafe or ineffective, but simply that it is not cost-effective for large drug companies to manufacture. Compounding can create the exact formulation of the original drug, and deliver it in the precise dose you require, for a truly personalized pain management option.

Pain management compounding for Ontario pharmacies

At Clarks Pharmasave, we offer our compounding expertise and services to any local pharmacy, so their customers can reap the benefits. So, if you don’t live in Simcoe or already have a favourite pharmacy that doesn’t offer compounding, ask them to contact us.

We are a community compounding pharmacy and genuinely want to help everyone benefit from this effective method of personalizing prescriptions.

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