Pediatric Compounding

What is Pediatric compounding?

Pediatric compounding is a fantastic way to keep children healthy and well without all the fuss of actually getting them to take their medication. Having a sick child is hard enough, we will make the medication part easy so you can focus on taking care of your little one.

Why are compounded medications important for children?

Compounding for children is an amazing privilege. Mass produced medications are generally formulated for and tested in healthy adult males. As a result, they aren’t always appropriate for some populations. For some medications, in order to be safe and effective in children, the dose, form or the excipients (non-active part of the drug) needs to be altered. That’s where the role of the compounding pharmacist comes in. Working with a patient and his or her doctor, we tailor make medications work for children.

Why might a child need a compounded medication?

Compounded medication might involve using special ingredients to avoid an allergy or intolerance, combining natural substances with standard pharmaceuticals to generate just the right therapeutic effect, or just adding the right flavoring to make bitter tasting medication palatable. Whatever the patient preference or therapeutic need, our pharmacists are committed to make it happen.

Some of our biggest compounded wins have been formulating:

  • Eye drops to prevent the progression of childhood myopia (near sightedness)
  • Making a rare but needed psychiatric medication into a liquid form
  • Creation of a commonly used painkiller and anti-inflammatory into a dye, colour and preservative free product
  • Liquid formulation for children of cardiac medications

Children are such a perfect fit for custom compounded medication. Commercially manufactured drugs just do not meet the need of every child and we, at Clarks Pharmasave, are here to make sure that your little one is treated individually and with the upmost care.  Call us today at 519-426-6580 to get more information about how we can help your child.

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