Vitamins, minerals and supplements for health

With our busy lifestyles, it’s often difficult to get exactly the right amount of the many vitamins and minerals your body requires to function.

At your local Clarks Pharmasave, you’ll find a whole range of vitamin supplements, including:

  • Multivitamins with lutein and lycopene
  • Vitamin C and D3 supplements
  • Vitamin supplements formulated for healthy skin, eyes, nails and more.

We’ve also a range of mineral and other supplements in our own low-cost range including:

  • Iron & calcium supplements
  • Fish oil capsules,
  • Supplements for pregnant women

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Natural products and remedies

At Clarks, we aim to provide you with the widest choice of natural products in store to help maintain a healthy lifestyle without the use of artificial compounds or medications.

Why buy natural products from Clarks

You can buy natural products online, sometimes at ridiculously low prices, but how can you be sure exactly what you are getting? Our range includes familiar products such as our own brand arnica tablets through to the latest trending oils and foods. All our natural products are produced by reputable brands under strict conditions to maintain quality and purity.

Free guide to natural products

Don’t know your ginkgo from your elbow? Our online guide to natural products gives you the facts, not the hype. You’ll find it here

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