Why you should visit your local pharmacy

With increasingly busy lives and packed family schedules, it’s sometimes hard to keep on top of your health. You may have questions about your medication, or need some advice on managing an on-going health condition, and don’t want just to “Google” the answers. Or you might want to quit smoking, and need some practical advice on how you might achieve that with the right support and help.

Expert advice at your local pharmacy

That’s where your local pharmacy can help. Local pharmacists have a wealth of experience in helping you get the information, advice and products to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. At Clark’s Pharmasave pharmacies in Simcoe, our staff is genuinely here to help you, whether you pop in for a prescription or a pack of anti-acids, or for a talk through your various medications and what they each do.

Here’s just some of the pharmacy services we offer to support you in your health and wellness.

Treatments for common ailments

It’s tempting to try and just ‘soldier on’ through life’s minor ailments, from colds and coughs to chilblains and cold sores, often because you don’t know who to ask for advice or what the treatments might be. Instead, come and talk to us. We have years of experience in helping customers treat minor ailments with effective non-prescriptions treatments and remedies, from seasonal allergies to sprained ankles. We carry a wide range of products including name brands and non-branded equivalents to offer you effective treatments at the best prices.

A spoonful of sugar

This approach to medication may have worked for Mary Poppins, but for many of use, taking medication or giving it to children is a daily struggle. Talk to us about your concerns, such as your ability to swallow tablets or children strongly disliking the taste of their medications. As a leading compounding pharmacy in Simcoe County, we can prepare your medication in a wide variety of forms, from gels and liquids to soluble powers and great tasting lollipops (yes, really!).

One-point prescriptions

Whatever your prescription requirements, we can fulfil them at the Clark’s Pharmasave of your choice. No need to drive all over town to collect different parts of your prescription from different locations. We can fulfil your prescription in full and have it ready and waiting at the Clark’s Pharmasave that’s most convenient for you, whether it’s near your home, your work or the kids’ school!

Online prescription refills

No time to pop in to reorder your prescription? Do it online instead. With out e-fill service, you can order repeat prescriptions online or via our app anytime, to collect from the Clark’s Pharmasave of your choice at a time to suit you. If your prescription is running out and you can’t get to see your doctor, then we may be able to renew it for you, or provide sufficient medication until you can see your physician in person.

Medication information

If you have an on-going medical condition that requires medications, you may not be exactly sure what you are taking – and why. Our team offer a free Medical Review to help ‘decode’ your prescription. We’ll guide you through what part of your condition each medication is designed to address, and its effect on your body. If you have concerns about or are experiencing side effects, talk to us so we can advise on possible courses of action, or refer you back to your GP.

Medication Manager

If you are taking multiple medications, plus vitamins and supplements, simply organizing your medications can be difficult. Talk to us about Medication Manager, where we can package your medications in clearly marked blister packs, so you take the right medications at the right time.

Flu shots and travel vaccinations

At Clark’s Pharmasave, we are able to provide a range of inoculations for foreign travel, including yellow fever vaccinations. We can also administer flu shots to adults and most children throughout the flu season, with no appointment necessary.

Come in and talk to us, any day of the week

At Clark’s Pharmasave, our stores are open at hours to suit you and your lifestyle. We’re open from 9am in the morning until at least 5pm at night, (8pm at some stores) Monday to Friday. We’re also open on Saturdays, and we’re even open Sundays from 11am to 4pm at our Norfolk Street South store.

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