ADP walkers and scooters

If you need a mobility aid such as a scooter, or wheelchair, you may qualify for help paying for it through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP). This scheme is operated by the Ministry of Health to provide funding to Ontario residents with long-term physical disabilities and mobility needs.

The scheme helps cover a variety of mobility aids including:

  • Manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs
  • Powered scooters
  • Wheeled walkers for adults
  • Walkers, standers and strollers

You can also apply if you are replacing your mobility aid, or need a different one due to changing needs.

Who qualifies?

You can apply to the ADP if you:
  • Are an Ontario resident
  • Have a valid Ontario health card
  • Have a disability requiring a mobility aid for 6 months or longer
You won’t qualify if you:
  • Are receiving financial support from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for the same mobility device
  • Are a Group “A” veteran and receiving financial support from Veterans Affairs Canada for the same mobility device

You can check out the full criteria at []

How much is it worth?

Under the scheme, a business cannot charge you more than a certain price for an approved device, known as the ADP price. If you qualify, the scheme will pay 75% of the ADP price, and you’ll pay the remaining 25%. Your income is not considered as part of your application.

Approved ADP vendors

You’ll need to buy your mobility aid from an approved vendor, such as Clark’s Pharmasave. Our Pharmasave at 454 Norfolk St. South in Simcoe is an authorized vendor for:

  • Ambulation Aids – these include wheeled walkers and walking frames
  • Seating – positioning devices used to maintain posture in a wheelchair,
  • Power mobility – manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and power scooters

Our team at 454 Norfolk St. South can advise you on the options available to help you stay mobile. We’ll also guide you through the process of applying, choosing, and buying the right scooter, walker or wheelchair for your needs under the ADP scheme.

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